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Your California Small Business HR Resource

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Welcome to Max Business Resources
Your employees are your most valuable resource. It is important to ensure you are doing the right thing to avoid a bad reputation and costly law suits.
Max Business Resources is your one stop shop for your human resources needs. We can help you with four key aspects of human resources including performance management, recruiting, retaining, and training employees through an integrated approach to strategic human resources management.

As a company grows there is an increased need to manage the human capital of the company.This is where human resources becomes an essential part of the equation. Avoid finding yourself involved in a costly law suit and high turnover rate by addressing this important aspect of doing business in California.

Let us help you make human resources management a snap!
We offer a full line of services to help you, a small business owner, be confident you are doing the right thing when it comes to your most valuable assets—your employees. Having a good training program and strong, compliant policies and procedures in place will help to decrease your chances of costly lawsuits, fines, and a bad reputation as an employer.
The services we offer:

Process Mapping and Development

- HR Consulting

- Personnel Policy Development & Deployment

- Preparing HR Policy Manuals/Employee Handbooks

- HR Auditing

- Records Retention (Paperless and Traditional)

- Employment (On Boarding to Termination)
- HR Hotline
If you are intersted in learning more about our services, please contact us.

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